5 Top True Crime Podcasts You Will Love

Anyone who knows me knows I am always looking for a great podcast to listen to (usually true crime). After all the many true crime podcasts I have listened to, I have narrowed it down to my top five favorites that I know you will love. If you are looking for a great true crime podcast, check out any of the ones below! They are sure to make your commute to work, your workday, or your day of housecleaning fly by.

5. Serial


Serial is one of the first true crime podcasts out there. There are currently three seasons (I personally recommend the first one, but they are all good). The first season follows the case of Hae Min Lee and the arrest of her boyfriend, Adnan Syed. The host, Sarah Koenig, dives deep into the case to try to figure out if Adnan Syed is really guilty of the crime he was convicted of.

This podcast sucks you right in from the first episode. You feel as if you are right next to Sarah through her investigations. She speaks with many people involved in the case, including Adnan Syed himself.


  • Plenty of information
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Well researched background information


  • Long series (this could also be a pro)
  • Episodes have to be listened to in order


4. Forensic Files


If you are a fan of the TV show, you will also love the podcast. The TV show is one you can easily play in the background while you do housework. The podcast is the exact same. It is the TV show sound available easily from your favorite podcast app. Each of the episodes is the same length as the TV show, minus the commercials.


  • Easy to listen to
  • Makes a great background to a boring workday
  • Wide variety of stories
  • Listen in any order


  • Confusing at times due to lack of visuals


3. Criminal


The host, Phoebe Judge, is iconic. She has a soothing voice that provides a contrast to some of the stories she tells. Unlike many other true crime podcasts, Criminal tends to have a lighter tone though. Many of the stories are comical and unique. The episodes cover a wide range of topics and often include interviews of those who committed the crime. Phoebe has a way of asking the hard questions without being disrespectful.


The soothing voice
Wide range of topics
Short and sweet episodes
Listen in any order


  • Topics aren’t always your traditional idea of “true crime”


2. Crime Junkie


This is an amazing podcast, especially for those just getting into podcasts. Crime Junkie is easy to listen to, and the host, Ashley Flowers, is accompanied by her friend and co-host Brit Prawat. While Ashley usually does most of the talking, Brit gives her someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. They have a fun and casual tone while still hitting the important details and facts. Each week there is an episode covering a new case, usually an unsolved one. They reach out to the public for help finding answers.


  • Easy, casual tone
  • Light banter
  • Listen in any order
  • Plenty of details and facts


  • Can seem slightly scripted at times


1. My Favorite Murder

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My Favorite Murder is, by far, my favorite podcast. However, I realize their style is not for everyone. This is a true crime comedy podcast that brings a lighter side to gruesome stories. Karen Kilgarif and Georgia Hardstark host with occasional appearances of their sound producer, Steven Ray Morris, along with Georgia’s cats. They cover a variety of cases they find interesting. They also touch on mental health and the benefits of therapy.


  • Funny yet informative
  • Easy to listen to
  • Casual tone
  • Listen in any order
  • Biweekly episodes


  • Lengthy episodes (also a pro)

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