Anthony Garcia

I have struggled for weeks, trying to decide what I would do for my first post. I finally decided to go with one that hits close to home….literally. I live in the Omaha, NE area. Somehow, I missed what was going on within my own area. I didn’t even realize this happened until recently. This is the Anthony Garcia case.

Anthony Garcia was a resident at Creighton Medical Center in Omaha in 2000. However, he was not the ideal employer. He had very poor academics, he pulled pranks, and often made complaints about his professors and coworkers. His coworkers stated he acted like a child rather than a doctor. He got fired in 2001 after just 1 year. This was the second residency program he had. Garcia then went back to California where his family lived. After 2 failed residencies, he thought his career as a doctor was over. However, he got yet another chance. He got accepted into a residency program in Illinois and got his license to practice medicine.

While his luck had seemed to change, he soon realized this wasn’t the case. Garcia’s bad reputation at Creighton was becoming a problem. He was only able to get jobs where no one else wanted to work like poor clinics and prisons. Garcia applied to get a license in other states, but he was repeatedly denied due to his reputation at Creighton. He worked where he could and kept up appearances.

The Murders

In 2008, police were called to a home in Dundee, a community in Omaha. A father came home to find his son, Thomas Hunter (11), and his housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman (57), dead. They were both stabbed to death. This was not a part of town that had a lot of murders. This kind of thing didn’t happen. Police worked hard to find the killer but ran out of leads. Anthony Garcia was looked at because he used to work with Thomas’s father. However, he was soon dismissed because he left Creighton 8 years before and he left fairly quietly. They didn’t feel like he held any grudges.

5 years later, the case was still unsolved. There were no new leads and no new suspects. This all changed on May 12, 2013. It was Mother’s Day. Piano movers showed up to the house of Roger and Mary Brumback. They found a gun clip in the threshold of the front door. They called the police.

When the police entered, they found Roger shot and stabbed in the neck. Mary was found in the next room with similar injuries. The cases were too similar. The stab wounds to the neck were too similar to be a coincidence.

Dr. Roger and Mary Brumback worked at Creighton Medical Center with Thomas’s father, Dr. William Hunter. The police established this was the most likely connection. They again went through the evidence and looked for potential suspects.

They then learned there was an attempted break in at another doctor’s home on the same day of the second murders. Dr. Chhanda Bewtra and her husband came home late from a Mother’s Day brunch to find the back door of their home was opened.

Dr. Hunter and Dr. Brumback fired Anthony Garcia based on Dr. Bewtra’s recommendation in 2001. The police began to dig deeper into Anthony Garcia. They realized the vehicle he was driving at the time of the murders matched the witnesses description. His credit cards showed he was in Omaha at the time of the second murders. Anthony Garcia was then pulled over in Illinois, drunk. He was found with a sledge hammer, a gun, and a crowbar. In his home, they found written plans for the murders along with his reviews from Creighton.

In October of 2016, he was found guilty of four counts of first degree murder. His sentencing trial has been repeatedly delayed. As of now, the sentencing hearing is set of the end of May to the beginning of June of 2018. Updates to come.

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